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Mrs. Vrunda Vasant Purohit – A Journey that Proves that Age is Just a Number

Picture a life where every year counts, where every day is a new adventure, and age is just a number. That’s the extraordinary journey of Mrs. Vrunda Vasant Purohit, a 73-year-old dynamo who has scripted a tale of remarkable achievements.

Work and Achievements

For an impressive 39 years, Mrs. Purohit served as a government school principal, moulding young minds and shaping the future. However, her contributions extend far beyond the classroom, earning her entries in the Guinness Book of World Record regarding two topics. First, she read and wrote the Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta in 42 different languages, showing her love for learning. Second, she had an exhibition in pune of 550 dolls, and it became a big deal with TV and newspapers covering it.

In 2009, Mrs. Purohit joined the Aadi Shakti Devi Mandal, where her passion for teaching found new avenues. She began instructing in subjects like Saptashati, Pavman, and Rudra, imparting knowledge and wisdom to eager learners.

Studies Vedas

Her pursuit of knowledge extends to the study of the Vedas. In 2019, she completed her research in the Rigveda, and also wrote books about it. She’s currently in the process of printing the Yajurveda and actively researching the Samaveda and Atharvaveda.


Education has always been a cornerstone of Mrs. Purohit’s life. She holds a degree of M.A. in Marathi, and M.A in History. Apart from that Mrs. Vrunda has a B.ed degree with a comprehensive knowledge of Naturopathy, Astrology, Palmistry, and Vastu Sastra. Currently pursuing an M.A. in Vedic Literature, she has her sights set on a Ph.D., solidifying her reputation as a dedicated scholar.
Her love for learning knows no bounds!

Mrs. Purohit has ventured into the world of music through Samaveda, learning the intricacies of Hindustani Sastri Sangeet from Divya Dwivedi, a renowned expert hailing from Banaras, now settled in Mumbai. Under Divya guidance from last one year, Mrs. Vrunda has honed her musical talents, and she’s gearing up to take her Sangeet exam for the first year, showcasing her passion for the arts.

Social Services

Mrs. Purohit’s commitment to social service is commendable. Her contributions include assisting women and solving their problems, actively engaging in public speaking and writing, and establishing the Gayatri Women’s Co-operative Bank and Primary Education Association. She is deeply involved in various social activities, embodying her spirit of giving back.
Vrunda took a significant step in support of playgroup teachers who had been denied their rightful pensions. She initiated a petition, determined to ensure that the law was upheld and that these educators received the financial security they deserved.

Places Visited

Her globetrotting adventures are equally impressive. She embarked on two spiritual journeys to Kailas Manas Sarovar, undertook the Narmada Parikrama twice by foot, and participated in the Pandharpur Wari twice, showcasing her strong spiritual connection. Beyond India’s borders, she explored lands far and wide, including America, Singapore, Malaysia, Shillong, and Hong Kong. Notably, she was a part of the Vishwa Shanti Parishad in America. She also paid homage to India’s 12 Jyotirlingas and visited various other places in India.

Mrs. Vrunda Vasant Purohit life is a shining example of a well-rounded, impactful existence. Her achievements and contributions across education, social service, spirituality, and travel serve as an inspiration to all, proving that age is no barrier to living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

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