Mrs. Divya Dwivedi

Kathak Dance Teacher/Performer/Choreographer


I am Divya Dwivedi Online/Offline Kathak Dance Teacher/Performer/Choreographer running SPRING OF RHYTHM as Kathak and Vocal Training Company for Kids, Girls, Working Women at Goregaon East & Malad East, Mumbai. We teach Kathak Dance, Semi-Classical Dance, Hindustani Classical Vocal Music Online/Offline. First of all, I have been teaching Kathak/Semi-classical Dance and Hindustani Classical Music for more than Fourteen years. However, We follow Lucknow Gharana for Kathak Dance which was developed under the divine guidance of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Sri Birju Mehraj. And, We follow Banaras Gharana for Hindustani Music under Padma Vibhushan Pandit Sri Channulal Mishra. Actually, I train my students so that they can perform in her school/society or at different stages for Dance and Music.

But, I teach Kathak Dance, Semi-Classical Dance, Hindustani Vocal Music only to Females five years onwards. I give my special attention to each and every student. That is why they grow very fast in Dance and music. Above all, We provide a Certificate course from Prayag University, Prayagraj, U.P. As a teacher I have trained many students and am proud to see them take flight into the world of dance on their own merit.

That is to say, My students have performed with me at prestigious festivals across India and the Globe. I feel a sense of completion when I see them making a mark for themselves in the field of dance. As a Kathak Dance Teacher/Performer/Choreographer, my constant thought is to give as I have received from my Guruji. With his blessings, I shape the individuals in the true essence of what she is. That individuality is what completes an artist. However, I am from Varanasi which is the cultural capital of Bharat our country that’s why Music and Dance in my blood.


I have been performing at different stages in India and Abroad. As an Online Kathak Dance Teacher/Performer/Choreographer, I have been teaching Kathak to my students from different parts of India and the Globe for performing at different stages. That’s why We have the best Kathak group Online/Offline for performing in any type of function like a stage show, Musical show, Concert, Wedding, Cultural Function, etc. It is, therefore, if you have any requirements to enhance your function, please call us at the given number for Learning Kathak and also Classical Vocal through Online.



Finally, I have also expertise in Choreography of different styles through Kathak Dance or Semi-Classical Dance. So, I can make any type of song in different creative styles. I have done lots of songs in beautiful design formation in different projects. To become a good Choreographer, one should be a good Kathak Dance Teacher/Performer. Previously I was associated with different renowned schools as a Kathak Dance Teacher/Performer.

Please Contact me for Learning ‘ONLINE’ Kathak/Semi-Classical Dance and Hindustani Classical Vocal With Certificate Course or as a hobby. Some social sites link are in the following…Please Go through to view videos…

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