To begin with, Spring Of Rhythm provides Kathak Dance Classes, Indian Classical Vocal Music Classes, Tabla Classes, Harmonium Classes both  Online and Offline across India and the world. Our Academy SPRING OF RHYTHM (Kathak Dance and Indian Classical Music Academy) is Affiliated with Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Prayagraj. Similarly, with a team of  Experienced Teachers for Kathak and Vocal Training Company, we provide the best of our services to you. We follow Lucknow Gharana for Kathak, due to which, this has been created under the help of Padma Vibhushan Pt. Sri Birju Maharaj Ji. In fact, Kathak lovers Call him God of Kathak.

Firstly, our Teachers have taken their training directly from our above-mentioned guru. As a result, of our hard work, Spring of Rhythm is known as an academy for ‘Kathak and Vocal. Nevertheless, SPRING OF RHYTHM is open for students across the globe. As far as, Vocal is concerned Our teachers have been trained under some known Gurus Like Padma Vibhushan Pt. Chhannulal Mishra Ji. He belongs to Varanasi. Similarly, they are known as the cultural capital of India. Moreover, we provide Vocal training in Hindustani Classical Music.


Eventually, We are working towards making our students known with Indian style which has been taught to us in Kathak and Hindustani Classical Vocal Music industry from our Gurus. Eventually, We train our students according to their understanding. Secondly, through our Indian Classical Music or Semi-Classical, we also provide courses in different forms like Thumri, Dadra, Kajri, etc. Furthermore, we provide Filmy songs, Voice, and Singing training. Nevertheless, we provide Courses Like Junior Diploma, Senior Diploma, Visharad, Praveen from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Prayagrag, UP.

Ways Of Teaching

In conclusion, We provide Online and Offline Training for Kathak, Hindustani Classical Vocal, Tabla and Harmonium. Nevertheless, Our academy is at Malad, Goregaon & Andheri, Mumbai. Simultaneously, We teach offline to our students who are living in Mumbai. Eventually, we also provide Online classes for students from anywhere in India and around the world. Hence, you can contact us on the given number to become a great student in either Vocal or Kathak simultaneously with the help of a great Indian style. Moreover, our fees are also good in view of the current situation. Hence, feel free to call us for your Kathak or Vocal classes. If you want to take admission, please fill up the following form according to your requirement either in Kathak or in Vocal after clicking the Link…

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