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The tabla is the most generally played drum set in North Indian music. It is the instrument most often used to go with vocal and instrumental music, and dance; though its essential capacity is to keep up with the measurement cycle in which the structures are set. However the tabla is basically a going with an instrument, the tabla players are additionally soloists by their own doing, and many have tremendous collections of intricate organisations given over orally from one age to another. One of the most prominent tabla players we’re going to be talking about today is Shri Vivek Mishra Ji. A great master who provides tabla classes in full volume. Let’s learn more about him today!
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Shri Vivek Mishra Ji is amongst the many other famous Indian Instrument players who has evoked from his passion into playing soothing music through tabla. He comes from a famous Sarangi Gharana, which typically is a fretless, bowed string instrument used in Hindustani classical music and folk traditions of north India. Although precise information about the Sarangi is missing, it may have come to India from Central Asia as the bowed Rabab. Etymologically, it may have been derived from either Sarang in Sanskrit meaning ‘spotted deer’ or a variation of ‘Saurang’ in Hindi meaning ‘a hundred colours’. The music itself takes you back to the extraordinary rhythm of pure Indian culture.

Represented Indian Culture in Abroad

Going back to Shri Vivek Mishra Ji, he started playing the tabla at a very tender age of 8 under the guidance of Pt. Samata Prasad. Throughout his career, he performed in various parts of India, like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow, etc., and also represented the Indian cultural team while abroad in places like France, Russia, etc. Pandit Samta Prasad was an Indian classical musician and Tabla player from the banaras gharana. He also played the tabla in many Hindi films, and film music composer Rahul Dev Burman was one of his students. After the death of his guru Pandit Samta Prasad, Shri Vivek Mishra Ji started getting deeper into the understanding of fine tabla playing under the guidance of his uncle Pt. Kishor Kumar and also his father Pt. Bhola Nath Mishra.

His Fine Performance & Fame

His first performance was held by Kala Prakash which resulted in other many amazing programs and great claps and appreciation. This concluded his career with great success and also an award from Ashok Mission Education Sankat Mochan Education, Durga Temple Festival, Shivratri Mahotsav Ganga Mahotsav, Mahamrityunjaya Mahotsava, and many other famous awards. He’s working his way out in becoming a successful tabla player and getting his hands on giving Tabla lessons.

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