Terms & Conditions for Starting your Happy Journey with SPRING OF RHYTHM:
1. Admission Fees: I. Student From India- Rs. 200(One Time)
II.Student From Out of India- Rs. 500(One Time).
2. Monthly Fees For Kathak Dance & Vocal-
I. Rs. 2000 onwards(Student from India)
II. Rs. 5000 onwards(Student from Out of India)
3. Monthly Fees for Kathak+Semi-Classical Dance
I. Rs. 2500 onwards( Students from India)
II. Rs. 6000 onward (Students from Out of India).
4. No. Of Classes in a week- 2(One hour each).
5. No. Of Classes in a Month – 8.
6. Period of 1 month- from 1st to 1st.
7. Student who wants to start a certificate course in either Kathak or Vocal or Semi-Classical, She or he will have to pay the monthly fees for 12 months according to University Rule.
8. Fees must be paid till the 5th of every month.
9. Fees must be payable in Advance.
For any query, please feel free to contact me at +91-9867612955/9326146030, Landline: 022-49729295.

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