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10 Best Wedding Trends In 2021

Marriage is the beginning of lifelong commitment, every individual will have their own dream about this big day of their life. Even though we want this vision to become a reality, ever-evolving Covid-19 has altered our lives. It is absolutely possible to enjoy all your celebration by staying positive together with keeping them safe and within the guidelines. We have seen new normal in Indian weddings after the outbreak of Covid-19 which made everyone believe that every cloud comes with a silver lining. With the boost on the vaccine front, things are pervading again with people building confidence to plan for a big fat destination wedding to celebrate their love. But one must never forget to consider health risks and guest safety, it is also important to stay informed about the latest state and central government Covid-19 guidelines.

To help you to plan and assassinate your dreamy wedding we’ve set up a list of top wedding trends for 2021

Staycation Wedding

The pandemic has brought about the plunge in travel, which in turn has reduced the number of destination weddings that benefited domestic destinations. Because of this domestic destinations have rapidly escalated the challenges as wedding hosts and provide the vibe of destination and hometown weddings to the guest. More and more couples planning for pre-wedding shoots plan for a Holi stay, due to pandemic young lovers instead of long trips opt for homestays for a magical wedding shoot.

Mood lighting

Wedding lighting is an overlooked wedding element and revamp your venue from ordinary to eye-catching and make everything look splendid on your wedding day. With increased outdoor weddings mood lighting reaped huge interest among the couples and vendors. Mood lighting in every form may it be vintage-looking Edison lights, crystal chandeliers, string lights is bound to be scrutinized in the coming year. Wedding lighting intensifies the look of your venue and highlights the important elements like decor as a focal point.

Paperless wedding Invitation

There was a time when traditional handwritten wedding cards were given to the guest as invitations which were later replaced by printed cards which took a lot of wedding preparation time. Now we have a digital card that can be easily mailed to the guest which saves a lot of time and money. Going digital with the invitation is Eco-friendly, kindness to the environment during your wedding, and going slightly away from the usual can get your wedding in trend. Digital invitation isn’t just environmentally friendly but also allows you to be creative in a pocket-friendly manner tool.

Twinning Time

Every couple envisions making their wedding in their own unique ways, twinning is the latest fashion trend in recent times. Another best thing about this trend is it is not only popular among couples but also one of the adorable trends in recent weddings is families twinning the color of their outfits with each other. A bride and groom can choose to wear their favorite color, as color-coordinating wedding outfits are smart ways to flaunt a matching look that complement the decor.

Supporting traditional artisans

Handcrafted products take less energy which makes it more environmentally friendly. Traditional weaves made a comeback in bridal wardrobes which supports the local artisans and their eco-conscious business practice. Well-known traditional weaves like Banarasi, Kanjeevaram along with a plethora of other traditional embroideries like phulkari made a comeback, hence brides can sport their heritage while doing good for the economy. Handcrafted products can meet your needs better as you have the option of customizing your purchase.

Go Big on Entertainment

After the outbreak of Covid-19, all of us spent our time at home watching Netflix, listening to podcasts, and scrolling on Instagram which left us all furious for some entertainment. Wedding entertainment ideas not only keeps your guest engaged but also act as an essential icebreaker, delighting your guests with live entertainment such as bands, DJs, aerial acts and stand-up comedies, karaoke, etc. One must keep safety in mind by practicing social distancing while seating.


Charity wedding registries have seen increasing popularity in recent years, it is the perfect gift-giving solution for couples who already own every newly-weds item, Nothing can match happiness better than sharing. A charity registry is the best way of giving back to society on your wedding day, a charity wedding registry refers to a registry where couples ask guests to contribute to a specific organization rather than buying tangible gifts.


A wedding is not an Eco-friendly event, as there will be a lot of food waste, plastic packaging and throw away of decor, etc. An increasing number of couples considering a way of having Eco-friendly ideas to make their wedding day sustainable, as these Eco-friendly wedding ideas don’t require much effort but give a big benefit. Practice should be wholeheartedly embraced by the couples who are keen on the impact that their celebration on the environment, and making sensible choices that are Eco-friendly.

Colorful Decor

The purpose of decoration is to make the space creatively pleasing and more attractive by considering the factors like fashion, culture, etc. Being the year spent at home due to the outbreak of pandemic dreaming of parties and celebration, vibrant colors paired with fantastic decor will be the trending of this season. Wedding decors play a prominent role in creating joyful vibes, vibes locally sourced florals and decor elements are cost-effective at the same time it will be a local business which hit by the outbreak of a pandemic.

Live Streaming

If you are planning for an intimate wedding celebration, getting hitched in a tropical location or having a guest who cannot make a trip due to a global pandemic which makes you opt for a live stream wedding for all your friends and family to see.  It has become very famous as couples find a way to share their special day with faraway friends and family by broadcasting their wedding ceremonies.

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